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>   O-1 Visa Extraordinary Ability
>   O-2 Support Personnel
>   P-1B Entertainment Group
>   P-2 Individual/Group Performer
>   P-3 Artist or Entertainer

Entertainment and sports employees are very interested in U.S. visas and green cards. If you wonder why, think about how many popular Broadway plays have British casts and crews, or how many non-U.S.-born players participate in tennis tournaments while living in the U.S. There are some special rules controlling green cards for those who are well known in the entertainment and sports industries. Contact Galstyan Law if you are in entertainment or sports to get help obtaining a visa.

 Nonimmigrant visa category O is available for better- known individual athletes and entertainers and their support personnel.

P visas are given to performers who are part of a well-known or unique troupe or entourage. These visas can be obtained quickly, sometimes within a matter of days, and last for the period of time needed to complete a season or tour.

Less well-known entertainers and athletes get H-2B visas. H-2B visas can be issued for only one year at a time and take several months or more to get.  Other business-oriented nonimmigrant visas may offer some solutions to problems of those in the entertainment or sports industries that the O and P visas do not. Depending on the legal structure of the businesses involved, L-1, E-1 and E-2 visas are worth exploring.

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