The P-3 Visa: 5 Things Touring Entertainers Need to Know

musicianAre you an artist or entertainer that is looking to travel to the United States in order to be part of an entertainment program? Our immigration lawyers may be able to help you get to the U.S. Please read this article that summarizes some of the requirements for the P-3 visa, and contact one of our immigration lawyers to determine if you would be qualified to be an applicant for a P-3 visa.

The United States immigration system was created to handle the large influx of immigrants to this country. There are many different classes of visas, which may be confusing to a foreigner who wants to immigrate to this country. In general, permanent relocation is based on different priorities. These priorities are set based on preferences from the countries of which the immigrants are nationals. Also, priorities are set based on what the immigrant plans to bring to this nation. We provide this background information to help you understand the qualifications for a P-3 visa.

1. The P-3 Is Designed to Bring Cultural Diversity to the US

The P-3 visa was passed by the U.S. Congress to promote cultural diversity in the United States. The requirements for this visa reflect this goal of achieving cultural diversity. Congress set out to invite all types of artists and entertainers to perform in the United States. These performances are invaluable to the mixing pot of cultures that exist in the United States.

2. The Cultural Value of Your Program Must Have Expert Validation

Therefore, one of the filing requirements for a P-3 visa is an affidavit from experts attesting to the uniqueness of the cultural program. This can take the form of a variety of different sources. It can be a review from a magazine, an article in a newspaper, or a periodical in a journal. There has to be some support to the claim that your artistic performance has a cultural value that will make its mark of the United States cultural tapestry.

3. The Documentation You’ll Need for a P-3 Visa

In addition to the program being culturally unique, the performance must enhance or further the understanding of your particular art form. This means that your P-3 visa application must reflect the fact that your presence in the United States will enhance the art form that you are presenting.

There are several required supporting documents that are required with an application for a P-3 visa. There must be a written consultation from the appropriate labor organization. Ask one of our immigration lawyers whether this requirement may be excused. Also, there has to be an itinerary of the planned events in the United States, with a description of each performance and the planned dates and venues for the events. Finally, there has to be a copy of the contract between the P-3 visa applicant and a U.S. employer. In some cases, the communication between you and a possible employer in the United States may be considered an oral contract for the purposes of this application. One of our immigration lawyers can help you determine whether this part of the application can be resolved by referring to legal contract doctrines.

4. The P-3 Visa is Good for Up to One Year and Family Can Come With You

The initial period of stay that is granted for a P-3 visa is however long the planned performances will take, but it cannot exceed one year. However, if during that first year, there are delays or the planned performance does not take place, then one of our immigration lawyers can help you extend your stay by making the appropriate contacts with immigration officials.

Furthermore, the family of a P-3 visa holder can travel along with them. You can bring your spouse and children under the age of 21 to the United States for as long as you remain here, but they are not allowed to seek employment here. However, they may enroll in colleges or universities.

5. It’s a Daunting Process, But Galstyan Law is Here to Help

While it may seem daunting to apply for immigration, one of our experienced immigration lawyers can help make your dream come true. In the process, your talents will be on display in one of the biggest stages in the world, and the United States will benefit from your talents.

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