Immigration law is our specialty and we love E visas!

The E1 visa classification is the premier visa category for foreign national treaty traders seeking to enter the US to engage in international trade. Our full-service immigration law firm employs professional immigration attorneys whose primary concern is the realization of our clients’ goals and dreams and who specialize in the E1 classification.

The international treaty trader is a noble and admirable breed. These individuals and their employees (who also may qualify for the E1 visa should they meet the requisite criteria) are business-minded, intelligent people who recognize a good opportunity when it arises. With that in mind, our office of Los Angeles immigration attorneys and Pasadena immigration attorneys offer the highest-quality immigration legal counsel and assistance and are the most skilled and qualified lawyers available. Contact our office and schedule your free consultation to explore what options are available to you and let’s get the ball rolling with your plans for the future.

A treaty trader must meet several general criteria in order to be eligible for the E1 visa.

He/she must have the nationality of a treaty country

He/she must carry on substantial trade

He/she must carry out said trade primarily between the United States and his/her country of nationality

If you aren’t feeling up to a quick Google search, a treaty country is a nation with which the United States has a treaty of commerce and navigation. Our office keeps an up-to-date list of all current treaty countries and would be obliged to inform you of your country of nationality’s status should you contact us.

The skeptics among you are now asking “who defines what’s substantial or not?” And you are right to do so! This is where the “general” in “general qualifications” is emphasized. Actually meeting this qualification is more complex and specific than someone’s arbitrary opinion of whether the trade is substantial. There are specific ways in which USCIS measures the substantiality of the trade done involving the volume and monetary amount transacted, all of which our firm is informed of and can assist your petition in demonstrating. Our professional immigration lawyers have successfully petitioned for innumerable clients from as many backgrounds and industries and we are confident that we can provide the best level of service to our clients.

The period of stay extended to treaty traders who qualify for the E1 visa has an initial maximum allowance of two years. While yes, this seems like a short amount of time, a great amount of business can be conducted and carried out in that time, as experienced traders know. However, sometimes business is so lucrative and thrives so well that two years just isn’t sufficient. Our immigration attorneys also assist our clients with filing requests for extensions of stay, which the structure of the E1 category allows (in up to two-year periods, with no limit in the number of extensions that may be granted).

All right, so now that you know the E1 is not only a good choice but is ideal for your situation, you have a few options available. You can try to petition on your own, which frankly is a terrible plan and will likely fail due to your lack of sufficient know-how and knowledge of the immigration system (not being mean, I don’t know how to do your job either), or you can seek help from an accomplished, professional, experienced Los Angeles immigration attorney or Pasadena immigration attorney who won’t rest until your petition is approved.

Seems like an easy choice to me!

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