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The O-1 visa is a popular choice for many extraordinary artists every year and our highly trained O-1 visa Immigration Attorneys have the ability and experience to help you obtain your very own! Our Immigration Lawyers at Galstyan Law Group will prepare and file your O-1 petition with the USCIS (with all supporting documentation and evidence required) to ensure your O-1 petition is approved. Our immigration attorneys have a 100% success rate in all O-1 cases submitted through our firm.

Galstyan Law Group are O-1 visa specialists. Our Immigration Lawyer accepts O-1 visa clients from all parts of the world. We can help you wherever you are and we are only a phone call away 1800 939 8004 (free call).

Two popular questions we are often asked during O1 visa consultations is ‘who can my sponsor be?’ and ‘what information will my sponsor need to provide?’.

A U.S. Agent and/or Manager may be:
• The actual employer of the O-1 beneficiary
• The representative of both the O-1 employer and the O-1 beneficiary
• A person or entity authorized by the employer to act for, or in place of, the employer as its agent to file the O-1 visa petition.

Basically, talented musicians, artists and/or actors find an Agent and/or Manager who can represent them for work in the U.S. The agent and/or manager can then sponsor their O-1 petition by providing some simple information (as shown below). It doesn’t cost them anything either! No Labor Certification is required for O1 visas, making it a simple, cost effective process for the sponsor. Once we have all the required information, our specialized O-1 immigration attorneys at Galstyan Law Group take care of everything else.
As an O-1 visa is for aliens of ‘extraordinary ability’, it’s best to find a very good agent and/or manager with credentials showing they have worked with very talented artists, producers, composers etc.
What we will need from your O-1 Sponsor:
1. A copy of their business license and federal tax ID number.
2. A signed contract between you (the beneficiary) and them (the petitioner) outlining the terms of employment over the next 3 years (maximum time offered for an O-1 visa)
3. A copy of the company logo and signature for the O-1 petition (or we can have them sign the original documentation)
4. A copy of the company history and/or personal biography to include in your O-1 petition to the USCIS.
We will also require a complete itinerary of planned gigs/events/activities to include with your petition to the USCIS. It’s just a guide, it doesn’t have to be set in stone, just an outline of prospective gigs, tours, shows, meetings, writing sessions etc.
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