E-3 Visas for Australians

There is a long history of amicability between the US and Australia due to a large number of economic, cultural, and economic factors. As a result of these, there are certain provisions in the immigration legislation of the US to grant greater ease to Australian citizens concerning immigration goals with the US. One example of this is the E3 specialty occupations visa category, which allows specialty occupation professionals from Australia to come to the United States in order to perform services in said specialty occupation. While the E3 visa classification exists solely to facilitate this interaction, it isn’t exceptionally easy to acquire. The assistance of a skilled and experienced Los Angeles immigration attorney or Beverly Hills immigration attorney is still highly advised, particularly for first-time petitioners and anyone who has had anything less than extensive experience with the US immigration system. Our full-service immigration law firm has had multiple interactions with Australian nationals and has amicable relations with immigration firms in Australia. For assistance with all your immigration needs, contact our firm and schedule a free consultation.

Technically speaking, to be eligible for the E3, an individual must have both a practical and theoretical knowledge of the professional field in which his or her specialty occupation rests, and must have at least attained a Bachelor’s degree (or the equivalent – contact a Los Angeles immigration attorney or Beverly Hills immigration attorney from our firm to see what qualifies) as the minimum level of skill, knowledge, and expertise for entry into a specialty occupation in the US.

There are several criteria that an applicant must meet in order to be eligible for the E3 visa classification which include but are not limited to that an applicant must:


  • Be a national of Australia
  • Have a legitimate offer of employment in the US from a bona fide US employer
  • Be academically and professionally qualified and accredited for the position
    • According to legislative standards – this isn’t as subjective as it could be construed to be
  • Have every intention to fill a position that qualifies as a specialty occupation according to US law
    • There are certain USCIS standards which determine a job’s standing as a specialty occupation – speak with a Los Angeles immigration attorney or Beverly Hills immigration attorney from our full-service immigration law firm to learn more


While many Australian nationals apply for an E3 from the comfort of their home country, many petition from within the United States under a separate lawful visa classification. This is entirely possible, though the application is a request for a change of status, rather than a direct petition. In either case, one of our Los Angeles immigration attorneys or Beverly Hills immigration attorneys can help with all the nuances and specific details of your application.


If actually meeting the eligibility requirements is half the battle, demonstrating that you actually meet them is the other half. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the job, USCIS is exceptionally detail-oriented and must be rather attentive to details – which means that any error when drafting and filing the petition could result in a rejected petition. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys and Beverly Hills immigration attorneys are the best chance you have at success. You already fought the first half; let us drive the petition home.


The initial period of stay extended to E3 visa holders under current legislation is two years. While this may seem to be a relatively short period of time, extensions to this time period may be granted in up-to two-year increments with no limit on the number of extensions that may be granted (in most cases). This is exciting news, and our Los Angeles immigration attorneys and Beverly Hills immigration attorneys are more than equipped to help petition for an extension after assisting in your initial petition, or even if you filed your petition with a different immigration firm whose assistance was less than satisfactory (which we guarantee will never be the case with our firm).


Family members of E3 visa holders, spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21, are also entitled to the E3 when the primary holder qualifies. The spouse of the primary visa holder is entitled to a work permit, while the children are not. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys and Beverly Hills immigration attorneys want our clients to be as happy as possible, and if that means ensuring your family comes along and your spouse can work, we’ll do all we can to make that happen.


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