The L-1 visa requirements and how to apply

The L-1 visa classification is primarily for the transfer of individuals between offices of an organization or companies with a qualifying organization when the two offices are separated by international borders. Additionally, the L1 can be used in order to transfer an employee to an as of yet un-existing US office for the express purpose of establishing one. The L-1 classification is split into two sub-categories, the L-1A for managers and executives and the L-1B for transferees with specialized knowledge. Several of our Los Angeles immigration attorneys specialize in the L1 classification and have assisted a large number of clients successfully petition and be approved for the L1. Contact our office and become acquainted with an immigration lawyer in a free case review by email who can personally guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

The L1A and L1B largely hold the same requirements save a few differences in the nature of a few, so a single description will work for the moment.

Generally, to qualify for the L1, the employer of the applicant must:

  • Have a qualifying relationship with a foreign company (that is, referring to the US employer and foreign employer, one must be the parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate of the other)
  • Be doing business or will be doing business in the US and at least one other country as an employer and must fulfill this requirement throughout the entire period of time in which the employee is in the US under the L1.

Generally speaking, the employee must:

  • Have been working for a qualifying organization outside the US for one continuous and full year in the three years which immediately preceded his or her admission to the US
  • Be entering the Us to provide service as an executive or manager or continue working based on his/her specialized knowledge

Demonstrating that you fulfill any of the above is, in many cases, much harder than actually fulfilling them, believe it or not. Seek assistance from one of our Los Angeles immigration attorneys with years of experience and knowledge at their disposal.

That’s all wonderful – but establishing a new office carries with it a whole new range of requirements and qualifications.

The employer must show that:

  • Sufficient physical premises have been secured
  • The employee is qualified and meets all requisite criteria to hold the position and qualifies for the L1 category for which he/she is being considered
  • The US office to be established will fully support the activity and salary of the employee’s position within one year
  • The employer has the means and ability to financially compensate the employee for his/her work within that year

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