The investor visa petition under E-2

Allow me to be the first to congratulate you on your recent success, because if looking for a full-service immigration law firm was like prospecting – you’d have just struck gold! Our  e-2 immigration lawyers are the best in the business due to their high level of skill, concern for our clients, and years of experience. This explosive cocktail of traits has made our immigration attorneys the best choice for treaty investors looking to acquire an E2 visa. A treaty investor is a foreign national who is seeking to be admitted to the United States to invest a substantial amount of capital in a bona fide US business. I know you probably haven’t heard or read the phrase “bona fide” in quite a few years, but that’s what the official legislation says about it so that’s what we’re going to use!

An E-2 visa is an excellent and widely-utilized tool among treaty investors and has facilitated the creation and growth of millions of businesses throughout the years and has led to the creation of innumerable job opportunities in the US. Simply put: the E-2 is a large part of the immigration system because it works. Although, acquiring one has arguably become more difficult due to the increased popularity of the E-2. People tend to see something successful and try their hand at it without appreciating all the hard work and dedication that went into it behind the scenes. The petition process is a little stringent as a result of this, and many petitioners each year are rejected simply because they aren’t able to adequately demonstrate their eligibility through the petition. Our immigration lawyers recognize that this is a growing issue and have leapt into action to ensure that none of our clients are subject to this kind of wanton rejection. Our firm is dedicated to our clients and wants to guarantee that they have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Contact our office today.

Logistically speaking there are several general qualifications that treaty investor must meet in order to qualify for the E-2.

A treaty investor must be the national of a treaty country (a treaty country is one which has a treaty of commerce and navigation with the United States).

A treaty investor must have invested or be investing a substantial amount of capital in a US business enterprise.

And finally (drumroll please)…

A treaty investor must be entering the US for the primary purpose of developing and directing the investment enterprise.

There are various ways in which a petitioner can demonstrate the above three requirements, not to mention the wide range of other minor requirements and demonstrations that must be met and made in order for the petition to be approved. Our firm stands above the rest due to our attorneys’ quality of service and high levels of skill and experience.

Contact our office and speak with an immigration attorney to learn about the petition process and discuss your options today.

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