Summer Loving – K1 Fiance Visas

It’s officially summertime and everybody seems to be pairing up! Well, not our immigration lawyers at Galstyan Law Group, they’re still available, but many U.S. Citizens have proposed to their loved ones recently in all parts of the world and our specialized immigration attorneys have been busy organizing their K1 fiancé visas.

Love has no borders, but the US certainly does which is why so many couples are investing in our expert team of Immigration Attorneys at Galstyan Law Group to take them through every step of the K1/Marriage process … leaving our clients to focus on the fun stuff.

Are you a law abiding US citizen who is planning to marry a non U.S. citizen? Can you and/or your family support your spouse in the U.S.? Then you may qualify for a K-1 visa. Call one of our specialized visa immigration lawyers at Galstyan Law Group today on local number 323 642 6000 or free call number 800 939 8004 for a free case review today. Please note, if you plan to marry a foreign national outside the United States or your fiancé is already residing legally in the United States, you do not need to file for a K1.

The popular K1 grants a fiancé permission to enter the United States for up to 90 days to marry a U.S. Citizen. Once the wedding has taken place your immigration lawyer at Galstyan Law Group will advise the USCIS that you are married and organize your partner’s permanent residency. Your attorney will also organize all employment and travel authorizations so you can both kick back, relax and start planning your honeymoon together!

Our specialized Immigration Attorneys also hold ‘The List’. It’s a comprehensive list of questions that the consulate officer may ask you at your interview! All our Marriage/Spouse/Fiance visa clients receive a pre-screening of possible questions to ensure you are both as prepared as possible for what may lie ahead.

Not to boast, but our expert team of immigration attorneys at Galstyan Law Group have a 100% success rate in all K-1 and marriage visa cases. Call one of our experienced Immigration Lawyers today to get started, local number 323 642 6000 or free call number 800 939 8004.

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