O-1 Visa

O-1 Visa

America is always looking for the next big thing and it could be you! Those of you out there that possess extraordinary talents and abilities can immigrate to the United States using the O-1 visa. The O1 nonimmigrant visa provides a unique opportunity for individuals who excel in the science, arts, educations, business, or athletics, or who has maintained a record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture of television industry as evidenced through national or international recognition, a chance to experience life in the U.S. America want YOU to be the next big thing!

Now before you plan to pass your skills of producing farting sounds using your armpit as an “extraordinary ability” for the O-1 visa, keep in mind that the O1 visa only enables individuals to stay for temporary residence to continue work in the area of extraordinary ability.  To qualify for extraordinary ability in the fields of science, education, business, or athletics, one needs to achieve a high level of expertise usually demonstrated in degrees higher than Bachelor’s.  For extraordinary ability in the arts and television industry, one should demonstrate distinction and recognition above the ordinary. To get a better understanding of the requirements for the O-1 visa and how you can achieve them, contact our full service immigration law firm for a free case review. We hold services in Glendale, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Burbank, and Encino.

The petitioner, it being your employer or administrator, should file Form I-129 along with several documentary evidence required to fully demonstrate all angles of your extraordinary ability.  The extensive evidentiary documents required can also be detrimental to your case if you don’t have a strong list of achievements. Contact our offices to work with an immigration lawyer on editing and polishing your accomplishments so your O1 visa can be approved.

Now, the basic required documents:

  • A written “advisory opinion” from a peer group or person designated by the group with expertise in your area of ability. This document should be carefully construed to enhance your work ethic and accomplishments regarding your extraordinary ability. One exception to the consultation requirement is if the petitioner can demonstrate that an appropriate peer group does not exist to draft an “advisory opinion.”
  • Copy of contract between the petitioner and the beneficiary. The contract must evidence the terms of the employment and the mutual agreement between the employer and employee.
  • Itinerary or plan of action while in the U.S. This may include events or seminars that you plan on carrying out. Contact our Los Angeles immigration lawyers to help you draft your itinerary in great depth and detail.

There are more evidentiary criteria that is specific to the type of O-1 visa you need to obtain. Our immigration attorneys can consult you more extensively about the different requirements and how to achieve them. Obtaining this visa is not very difficult, but it is long and tedious and requires energy and time. In the case of missing evidentiary documentation, your case will be delayed. To avoid sloppy work, trust our immigration lawyers in handling your case. Call our offices today to talk to a Los Angeles immigration attorney for free!

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