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Are you a professional Actor, Singer, Dancer, Musician, Director, Songwriter or Composer? Do you hold extraordinary ability in your field of endeavour? Do you wish to relocate to the USA for a period of 3 years with the legal right to work in America? Then the O-1 visa might just be the one you are looking for!

The O-1 visa is a popular choice for thousands of talented artists each year and our highly trained Immigration Attorneys have the ability and experience to help you obtain your very own! Our Immigration Lawyers will prepare and file your petition with the USCIS with all supporting documentation and evidence required to ensure your petition is approved.

Our Immigration Lawyer’s accept O-1 visa clients from all parts of the world. We can help you wherever you are and we are only a phone call away 1800 939 8004 (free call).

Many of the world’s most successful individuals have moved to the US on an O-1 Visa to advance their careers on a global scale, each extraordinary in their own, unique way. Our Attorney’s at Galstyan Law Group have proudly assisted many talented applicants in achieving their O-1 visa status. Our Immigration Attorney’s are local, based in Los Angeles (the entertainment capital of the world) and are proud to have a 100% success rate in O-1 visa submissions, making Galstyan Law Group the number one choice for various successful artists, performers and entertainment professionals world-wide.

Alternatively, if you are already located in the US and would like to change your status to an O-1, our highly skilled Immigration Lawyers are ready to assist you right away! Make your free call to Galstyan Law Group and ask for one of our experienced Immigration Attorneys to get started on your O1 visa petition! 1800 939 8004.

Invest in yourself today! Speak to a professional Immigration Attorney at Galstyan Law Group for your FREE, no obligation case review and see how we can help you obtain the O1 Visa and help make your dreams come true!

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