O-1 visa lawyer in Los Angeles

O-1 visa lawyer in Los Angeles

Ever caught yourself trying to sing the Spanish verse in one of Shakira’s songs like its only natural? One has to be quite extraordinary to compel a foreign speaking individual to want to learn the singer’s language. The United States is populated with several foreign entertainers from all around the world who have become well known. The first step they all took is come to the United States. They did so through the O-1B Visa. This visa is for individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement in the arts or television industry.  This may include actors, singers, dancers, film producers, directors, playwrights etc.

As any other visa, there are several requirements to be met. First, you should be aware that the visit to the United States must be temporary and work in the area of extraordinary ability must be continued. There should also be evidence of a high level of achievement in the field of arts; far above the ordinary. Our immigration attorneys are experts at distinguishing your level of high achievement apart from others with similar rankings and distinction is the most important part of your application.

The petitioner should file the form for Nonimmigrant Workers with the USCIS office. The application is usually filed with the help of an immigration lawyer, as it is long and tedious. Our offices offer services in Glendale, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Burbank, and Encino, CA.

In the application process, several documents are requested:

1) A letter of recommendation from a person with expertise in your area of ability.

2) A copy of a contract between the talent and employer demonstrating mutual accordance.

3) A basic outline, or itinerary, for the plan of action and how it fits into the time period requested.

Along with all the documents listed above, there are a few more evidentiary documents required of which at least 3 have to be met. The evidentiary criteria include: the talent has received or been nominated for significant national or international awards in the particular field, talent has performed or will perform services in esteemed productions or events evidenced by media coverage, occupational achievements evidenced by publications, and a high salary for services.

All documents requested should be meticulously gathered and organized, for in the case of sloppy work, your case will be delayed. To expedite the process, contact our immigration attorney who will assist you in the process of gathering all required documents and enhancing your application. Although achieving the O-1B visa seems difficult and complex, you can obtain it by simply reaching all their requirements and delivering all evidence and most importantly, by distinguishing yourself and your talent. Our immigration attorneys have mastered the precise way to tweak and edit your profile to fit the character they’re looking for. Contact our office and schedule a free case review where you can talk more extensively about securing an O-1B visa. Don’t give up on your dream to become a star in the U.S; there’s always a clear path for talented people!

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