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Are you an American citizen in love with a citizen from another country? Are you ready to formalize your relationship and propose to your partner? Once married, do you want your husband/wife to live (and work) with you legally in the United States? If yes, our leading immigration lawyers at Galstyan Law Group are ready to assist you. We are specialists in all forms of Family Immigration with extremely competitive rates. We may be conveniently located in Beverly Hills but we don’t charge Beverly Hills prices. Call one of our immigration attorneys today for a quote and see how cheap, quick and easy the whole marriage visa process can be! 323 642 6000 or free call number 800 939 8004. We take the hard work out of the happiest time of your life so you and your loved ones can concentrate on the good stuff.

Our immigration attorneys offer a complete marriage visa package – we arrange for your boyfriend/girlfriend to travel to the U.S. on a fiancé visa (if required), then when you are both ready, we submit your petition to the USCIS for your marriage visa case. Your immigration lawyer at Galstyan Law Group will make sure you get everything available to you in the one application including a work authorization card, pre-approved right to travel while your case is pending and if your husband/wife has kids, we organize their visas too! All you need to do is complete a simple questionnaire, submit copies of your passports and visas (if your partner is already in the States) and we do the rest, allowing you to focus on the rest of your lives together! The beneficiary (your partner) will also need to undergo a full medical examination and provide fingerprints to the USCIS as part of their marriage visa application. Your Immigration Lawyer will keep you updated on all requirements along the way.

You will also need to show the USCIS that you are able to financially support your husband/wife here in the U.S. If you don’t have enough funds available or you are out of work, your immigration attorney will liaise with you to help find a suitable sponsor to support your application.

When it’s time for your interview, your immigration lawyer at Galstyan Law Group, Los Angeles will meet with you to go through ‘the list’ – a special list of possible questions the USCIS officer may ask you to establish that your relationship is genuine. This list ensures that all our marriage visa clients at Galstyan Law Group are prepared for what may lie ahead. We believe our attention to detail has greatly attributed to our success. We are proud to have a 100% approval rate for all fiancé and marriage visa applications submitted by our immigration attorneys at Galstyan Law Group.

Have questions? Speak to one of our leading Immigration Attorneys at Galstyan Law Group today. We offer free case reviews and accept marriage visa applicants from all over the world. Whatever your situation, let our immigration lawyers at Galstyan Law Group help. Call us today on local number 323 642 6000 or 800 939 8004.

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