L1 visa – How does it work

Are you attempting to transfer an employee or are you an employee looking to be transferred to a US office affiliated with your corporation? Or, alternatively, are you one of the same categories of individuals looking to send or be sent for the purpose of establishing an office in the US? In either case, the L1 visa is quite possibly the best option available to you. The opportunity to benefit from the services of a immigration lawyer with unparalleled skill and experience in petitioning for L1 visas is an incredibly valuable offer and is one that many strive for but never acquire. Our full-service immigration law firm boasts a full complement of professional, qualified, experienced and personable immigration attorneys whose first priority is to serve our clients. Contact our office today.

There are two categories of the L-1 classification: the L1A and the L1B. The L1A is crafted for transferees who are executives and/or managers, while the L1B is crafted for transferees who are employees with specialized knowledge. The basic requirements for the two are generally the same, with a few exceptions, though the gist of the qualifications is rather similar. We urge you to seek assistance from our firm and to speak with one of our Los Angeles immigration lawyers today.

The foreign employer doing the transferring must have a qualifying relationship with a US organization, meaning that one must be the parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate of the other. The employer must also be doing business or will be doing business in the US and at least one other country either directly or through a qualifying organization for the entire period of time in which the L-1 transferee is in the United States. For assistance in drafting your petition and demonstrating the fulfillment of all qualifications, contact our Los Angeles immigration lawyers.

The employee, in order to qualify for an L1, must generally have been working for a qualifying organization abroad for one full and continuous year within the three years which preceded his/her admission to the US and must have been working for that time in his/her position of employment under which he/she wishes to qualify for the L1. That may sound complex, but don’t worry – it’s wordy but simple, and our Los Angeles immigration lawyers can assist you. Additionally, the transferee must be seeking to enter the US in order to continue working in said executive, managerial, or specialized knowledge position.

I mentioned this earlier, but didn’t go into detail (because I was saving it for this paragraph) but L1 individuals may also enter the United States when establishing new offices. There are several requirements pertaining to the nature of the new offices, as well as demonstrating that the wages of the employee can be provided during the first year and that after the first year the transferee’s position can be fully supported. Speak with a Los Angeles immigration lawyer from our firm and allow us to change your perspective on what the immigration system can be.

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