Immigration Lawyer for E-2 visa

Immigration Lawyer for E-2 visa

Are you a national of a foreign country looking to enter the United States and find financial success through an investment enterprise? Chances are the E2 visa classification is for you. The E2 classification allows nationals of treaty countries to enter the US to invest a substantial amount of capital in a US business. While you may be an exceptionally skilled investor and businessperson, we rarely find individuals as knowledgeable about and as skilled in immigration legislation as our professional immigration attorneys. Of course that’s nothing against you – we wouldn’t be able to do half the things you can accomplish and will accomplish with the use of the E2 – people just have different strengths. And the wise individual knows that if you need something to be done and it’s not one of your strengths, the best option is to seek help from the person or people who know it best. Well, now that you’ve found us, let us help you.

The E-2 classification’s petition is one of the more complicated and difficult petitions in the system of immigration in the US. There are a lot of intricacies and nuances with the law, and the petition itself is long and must be submitted in just the right way so USCIS approves it. Unfortunately, many individuals each year try to file a petition for the E2 on their own or petition with the help of a second-rate immigration attorney and throw obscene amounts of money into the petition only to be denied and face more fees to apply again. Stop wasting your own time; that money wasted by so many could be invested and grown into more capital – you should be rewarded for your effort, not punished. So contact our office and speak with a professional Los Angeles immigration lawyer or Encino immigration lawyer and let us get the petition right the first time.

We will adamantly yet kindly refuse to submit a petition until we know for a fact that it will be approved by USCIS. We are not going to compromise on quality of service for any reason, and will always put you, the client, first. Aside from that, our immigration attorneys live and breathe immigration legislation and know the law inside and out – you won’t go wrong with our firm.

Ok, before you contact us, you should know that there are a few general qualifications that treaty investors must meet. If you don’t meet the following, it’s unlikely that you’d be approved for an E2.

You must:

Be a national of a treaty country (call us, we’ll explain what this means)

Have invested or be investing a substantial amount of capital in a US business enterprise

Be entering the US for the primary purpose of developing and directing the investment enterprise

Even if you’re unsure that you meet the requirements, give us a call! There are different ways to prove the substantiality of whatever amount of capital you’ll invest or have invested and demonstrating your commitment to the endeavor is just another part of the process for us. Our immigration attorneys have filed so many E2 petitions successfully we’re essentially the E2 equivalent of horse-whisperers. Don’t call us that when we talk, it’s just an expression.

All right, we’ll see you soon!



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