Immigration Lawyer E-1 visa Los Angeles

Immigration Lawyer E-1 visa Los Angeles

When I was a kid, my family was pretty poor. Because of that, we didn’t have a whole lot of money for fun things that the other kids at school got, namely trading cards. Trading cards were a big deal for me because they taught me about business, desire, and the value of a thing. When I got my first trading card, I immediately wanted more. So I worked and haggled and finally was able to trade that one card for three others. At the end of the school year I had the most trading cards out of any kid at school, because I learned how to trade and get what I wanted. The E-1 Treaty Trader Visa allows foreign nationals to enter the United States and take part in international trade. Now obviously international trade is a little more complicated than trading cards at recess, but it takes the same kind of tenacity and dedication. Our firm understands this, and specializes in servicing treaty traders to give them the best possible deal.

The treaty trader, as far as USCIS is concerned anyways, meets several qualifications.

He/she is the national of a treaty country (a treaty country is a nation which has a treaty of commerce and navigation with the United States)

He/she carries on substantial trade

His/her trade is primarily between the United States and his/her treaty country

This sounds easy enough to the layman, but both lawyers and traders immediately squint their eyes suspiciously at the last two. Just what exactly qualifies as “substantial,” and what qualifies as “primarily?” Well let me put your mind at ease. Whether or not trade is substantial is determined based on whether or not the trade done and to be done meets certain requirements. It’s not some arbitrary measurement system, either; the people who determine it do this for a living. Luckily for you, our attorneys spend our time making sure all of our clients’ petitions are perfect and have no chance of being denied. As far as making sure the trade is principally done with the US, that’s just a simple check on a list. At least 50% of the trade done by the treaty trader must be done between the US and the treaty country. It’s that simple!

Employees of treaty traders also qualify, and they have their own laundry list of requirements that must be met.

They must have the nationality of their employer

They must be an “employee” according to the law

They must be employed in an executive or supervisory position, or in a position based on special qualifications

Now, the E1 visa isn’t set up to be a permanent arrangement, though many who qualify do end up staying here permanently. The maximum initial stay period is two years, and if nothing changes in your status (besides making more money and expanding your operation, obviously) and you request to extend your stay, you can do so indefinitely! (in up to two-year periods, but we can hash out the details of that later).

All right: you’re a businessperson, you want to come to the US to expand your business, you just read our blog, you know we can help you….

What are you waiting for, again?

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