How to get an H1B visa in 3 easy steps

Confidence is key. Half the battle in most situations is believing that whatever you’re shooting for is possible – you just need to tell yourself “I can go the distance,” and before you know it you’ll be there. Many of you are already “there,” and are highly qualified and experienced in your respective field. The H1B specialty occupations visa just might be for you. The H1B is one of many specialty occupations, though it is much more popular than the others due to its inclusivity. You see, the H1B doesn’t cater to one specific industry or job type – it merely has a list of requirements that both employer and employee must meet in order for the visa to be granted. It’s no wonder that our full service immigration law firm employs Los Angeles immigration attorneys who specialize in the H-1B classification – our firm’s mindset is that our clients’ needs should come first. Contact our office and schedule a free consultation today.

A prospective employer is the petitioner when the H1B is concerned. As the petitioner, an important responsibility is to file a Labor Condition Application, an LCA, along with the petition for the H1B. The LCA is merely an official declaration and demonstration by the employer of its adherence to the labor and wage requirements relevant to the industry and position in question. If you have never before filed an LCA, contact our firm for experienced assistance from a immigration attorney.

The job itself must meet certain criteria according to USCIS standards and regulations. The job must be able to be described by at least one of the following to qualify as a specialty occupation:

A Bachelor’s degree or a higher degree is required for the position
The degree requirement is normally the standard for the job or the job is so complex that only individuals with degrees can perform it
The employer usually requires a degree for the position
The nature of the duties involved with the job are so complicated that people with degrees tend to be the only people who can perform them

Los Angeles immigration attorneys with our firm have filed innumerable petitions for the H1B and are experts in executing a petition in such a way that there is simply no way it won’t be approved. Contact us and let us make your future bright and promising; you deserve it.

And while we’re sure you do deserve it, USCIS requires proof that you meet at least one of the following in order to qualify for the H1B. You must

Have acquired a US bachelor’s degree or a higher degree in the field required by the specialty occupation
Hold a foreign degree equivalent to a US Bachelor’s degree or higher in the field required by the specialty occupation
Hold an unrestricted State license, certification or registration authorizing you to engage in the specialty occupation
Be educated or trained to the level equivalent to that of one who holds a degree

Speak with one of our Los Angeles immigration attorneys today. I’ve told you all I can here – come in and find out for yourself just how fantastic your life could become.

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