How to apply for the L-1 visa

Are you scratching your head, wondering how you’re going to make this transfer of an executive, manager, or employee with specialized knowledge to a US office work? Or, alternatively, are you one of the aforementioned individuals wondering how you can make this transfer happen? If not, then this probably isn’t the blog post for you. The L-1 visa classification is the premier visa category for the transfer of highly skilled and highly valuable employees from a foreign company to a qualifying organization in the US, and is a specialty of our full-service immigration law firm. Our immigration lawyers are skilled and experienced attorneys dedicated to our clients’ successes.

The L-1 is also diverse in its abilities in that it also allows for these transferees to be admitted to the United States in order to establish a new office that has a qualifying relationship with the foreign organization. A qualifying organization is one that is a parent company, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate of another. The petition for an L1 visa is different when applying for a visa in order to establish a new office, and our firm of Los Angeles immigration lawyers are both qualified and eager to assist new clients with all their various immigration needs.

The L1 classification is split into two subcategories, the L1A and L1B. The A is for executives and managers, while the B is for employees with specialized knowledge. The requisite criteria for both are by and large the same, with only a few disparities here and there. For the purposes of this post, a general overview will suffice. This is, however, an introductory and highly simplified version of the information only. Seek assistance from a professional immigration attorney should you wish to actually apply for the L1 visa.

In order for an employee to qualify for an L1 visa, the employer must be a qualifying organization (it must have a qualifying relationship with a US business or must have such a relationship with whatever new office is to be established). Additionally, the employer must be doing business or will be doing business in the US and at least one other country. This is essential, and can take many different forms through which the requirement may be met. Contact our office and speak with a Los Angeles immigration lawyer to begin drafting your petition.

In order to qualify for an L1 visa, the employee must have been working with/for the qualifying foreign organization for at least one full year in the three years which preceded his/her entrance to the United States in the type of position for which he/she is attempting to qualify for the L1 (manager or executive or specialized knowledge employee). Additionally, the employee must also be entering the US to work as an executive or manager or in work related to his/her specialized knowledge for the same employer or a qualifying organization. A Los Angeles immigration lawyer from our firm is the best choice to help you draft your petition in such a way that guarantees your approval.

Contact our firm to give yourself and your company the best shot at success possible. Our professional immigration attorneys specialize in the L1 classification and are experts in the legislation. Your best future is waiting – so you shouldn’t wait any longer.

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