How to apply for an E-1 visa

Certain visa classifications are vitally important to the way the US runs due to the potentially far-reaching consequences of the actions of the individuals who qualify. The E1 visa classification for treaty traders is one of these, due to the economic impact of the trade that each treaty trader does. While yes, it’s unlikely that one treaty trader will significantly alter the economic environment of the nation, a large number who make poor choices could cause a bump in the proverbial road. The US doesn’t want this to happen, so the petition process is one for which many find it difficult to qualify. So now we have a visa that’s kind of difficult to get and here you are with the potential and the ideas and determination to be great – but no idea how. Enter our full-service immigration law firm and team of highly skilled Los Angeles immigration lawyers. We offer free case reviews to interested parties in the hope that our professionalism, experience, and genuine care for our clients shines through so that we have the opportunity to provide you with the same extraordinary level of service we provide to all. Contact our firm today!

Whether you’re outside the US or inside the US (legally), you can qualify for the E1 through a direct petition or a request for a change of status! In either case, our immigration attorneys are more than qualified to assist you draft and file your petition.

“What are the general qualifications of a treaty trader?” you may ask. Well, my answer would be threefold. The treaty trader must:

  • Be the national of a treaty country
  • Carry on substantial trade
  • Carry on substantial trade primarily between the US and the treaty trader’s country of nationality

This is one of those types of answers that just spawns more questions. What’s a treaty country? Who decides if my trade is “substantial?” A treaty country is a country that has a treaty of commerce and navigation with the United States. As far as substantiality… that’s complicated. Suffice it to say that substantial trade involves numerous transactions over time and meets all of USCIS regulations (which are many and myriad). Our Los Angeles immigration lawyers can help you, though! So there’s no need to be worried or anxious.

I neglected to mention before: certain employees of treaty traders and qualifying organizations may also be eligible for the E1 visa. The employee, in order to qualify, must:

  • Have the same nationality as his/her employer
  • Legally be considered an employee
  • Be employed as and engaged in the tasks and responsibilities of an executive or supervisor, or be employed based on special qualifications if employed in a lesser position

There are many other additional terms and conditions associated with the E1 visa classification – many of them far too complicated to explain here. These things are best done in person anyways, so contact our office closest to you and schedule a free case review! Our immigration lawyers are eager to meet you and make your dreams come true.

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