How does the E visa work? How to apply for E visa?

The E2 visa for treaty investors facilitates the entrance of foreign nationals of treaty countries to enter the United States in order to invest substantial amounts of capital in a US business. Employees of these individuals or qualifying organizations may also qualify for entry under the E-2 visa in certain circumstances. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys are experts in the E2 classification and are dedicated to our clients’ success.

The E-2 is widely utilized by treaty investors because of its convenience. It allows foreign nationals to live and work in the United States and chase the American Dream – which is still very much alive and available if you know how to go about it. So stop daydreaming – start living your dream! Contact our firm to schedule a free case review with a professional immigration lawyer who has made the dreams of countless clients before you come true. Our immigration attorneys are addicted to the rush that comes from helping a client achieve his or her dream and giving them the opportunity to succeed. We have seen the confidence that comes from the success our firm gives ignite a passion in our clients eyes and have seen them go on to do great and spectacular things – and that is priceless. Contact our firm and speak with a business immigration attorney and see the difference in our firm, and then see the difference in yourself after we’ve changed your life.

To qualify for the E-2 visa, the Treaty Trader must meet a few general qualifications:

He/she must be the national of a treaty country (a treaty country is one with which the United States has a treaty of commerce and navigation – contact our office and speak with an immigration lawyer to see if your country of nationality qualifies you!)

He/she must have invested or currently be in the active process of investing a substantial amount of capital in an investment enterprise in the United States

But what’s a “substantial amount of capital”? That’s an excellent question, and I’m glad you asked! Whether the amount of capital invested or to be invested is substantial is determined by USCIS based on certain standards and requirements relative to the size and cost of the enterprise, as well as the chances of success established from the amount of the investment. Our E visa immigration attorneys use the same standards when drafting our clients’ petitions in order to ensure that every petition we file on behalf of our clients is approved, and we refuse to file a petition until those standards are met. We will not compromise when it comes to our clients; our mantra is that the client comes first, and our immigration lawyers hold to that dearly. Contact our firm and let’s sit down and talk. You have dreams; we have the means, let’s make them a reality.

The employee of a treaty investor (remember I mentioned employees may be eligible?) must meet the following to qualify for an E-2:

He/she must have the nationality of his/her employer

He/she must be legally considered an “employee”

He/she must be employed as an executive or supervisor or must have special qualifications if not employed in such a position

Speak with an immigration lawyer from our firm today. Of course, we will do whatever we can to help our clients. Schedule a free case review today, as there is a multitude of other details to go over regarding the E2 we didn’t have time to cover here.

Your future is waiting, and so are we. Contact us today.

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