H-1B Specialty Occupations and the H1B visa

Specialty occupations are vastly popular with foreign national workers due to the wide variety of specialty occupations that exist. Specialty occupations are present in nearly every industry, with varying degrees of frequency, and thousands upon thousands of workers labor in them each year. The H1B visa is arguably the most popular visa which caters to specialty occupations due to its high level of inclusivity. Unlike other specialty occupations visas, the H-1B does not cater to a specific industry or type of specialty occupation: the employer, employee, and job itself must meet a set of requisite criteria in order to qualify. Our immigration attorneys specialize in the H1B classification and are veritable experts in the legislation which governs this visa category. Contact our firm and speak with an immigration lawyer today to begin drafting your petition.

The H1B is a highly competitive visa classification. There is a numerical cap placed on the H-1B of 65,000 visas per fiscal year, while the first 20,000 petitions received on behalf of beneficiaries with US Master’s degrees or higher degrees will be exempt from the cap. There are other circumstances in which exemptions from the cap will be granted, though they are too specific to explain at this time. Contact our office and speak with an immigration lawyer for further information regarding the cap and to submit your winning petition at the most ideal time.

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USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services) has a list of criteria that both the position, employer, and employee must meet in order for an H1B specialty occupations visa to be granted. Demonstrating that all three categories are fulfilled has proven to be more difficult than actually fulfilling them, according to some clients. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys and Glendale immigration attorneys have filed innumerable petitions on behalf of a myriad of clients, and are confident in our firm’s ability to give you the future you dream of.

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