H-1B Nonimmigrant Work Visa

H-1B Nonimmigrant Work Visa

The strength of many U.S. companies lies largely in the quality of their employees. Many employers actively search worldwide for professional talent and call upon the expertise of our Immigration Lawyers at Galstyan Law Group to prepare the Labor Condition Applications (LCA’s) and submit winning petitions for each of their international recruits.

We also manage H1B visa applications for many happy employees worldwide, making the whole process as seamless as possible:

So you have a job offer from a U.S. employer, you hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or equivalent and your bachelor’s degree is applicable to the job on offer? If the wage or salary offered meets the minimum prevailing wage for the position, then you may just qualify for the H1-B Visa! Call our team of expert legal advisors at Galstyan Law Group for a free case review today on free call number 1800 939 8004.

How many HI-B Visas are available?

This month the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) updated the number of H1B petitions received and counted. Details below:

As of May 4th, 2012, 32,500 H-1B Regular CAP subject non-immigrant visa petitions have been filed with the USCIS towards the 65,000 cap.
As of May 4th, 2012, 13,700 H-1B Masters Degree CAP subject non-immigrant visa petitions have been filed with the USCIS towards the 20,000 cap.

FY 2013 H-1B Cap Count – as released by USCIS

Cap Type Cap Amount Cap Eligible Petitions Date of Last Count
H-1B Regular Cap 65,000 29,200 04/27/2012
H-1B Master’s Degree Exemption 20,000 12,300 04/27/2012

*The USCIS will continue to accept H-1B petitions until a sufficient number of H-1B petitions have been received to reach the statutory limits, taking into account the fact that some of these petitions may be denied, revoked, or withdrawn.

If you have the qualifications, together with a letter of job offer/sponsor in the USA and would like to apply for a H1B visa, contact one of our expert Immigration Attorneys at Galstyan Law Group today. We have helped many international workers pursue various opportunities in the States and are proud to have a 100% success rate in all H1-B visa petitions prepared and submitted to the USCIS by our specialist Immigration Lawyers. You can contact us on 323 642 6000 or our free call number 1800 939 8004 for a no obligation phone case review and one of our expert Immigration Attorneys can get started on your case right away.

If you know anyone who has tried to manage this process themselves the H1-B paperwork is detailed and unforgiving. The slightest error could cost big delays and even denials, so find out if you qualify and avoid making common mistakes.

Call one of our highly trained Immigration Lawyers at Galstyan Law Group today and get your H1B Visa approved!!! 1800 939 8004.

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