Green Card for Spouses of GREEN CARD HOLDERS

Filing for Spouses: US Citizens and Permanent Residents have a range of rights and legal abilities available to them that the vast majority are unaware of. One such right is the ability to petition for permanent residency for a foreign national spouse. While the spouses of US Citizens are not subject to limited visa availabilities, the spouses of permanent residents unfortunately are. This isn’t a cause to lose hope, though; whether or not a petition is approved depends on the value of the petition itself – and that is determined by who drafts it. Have you drafted hundreds of petitions for a variety of people from different places, backgrounds, and stories? Well our Los Angeles immigration attorneys and Glendale immigration attorneys have – and as a result of years of experience, study, and approved petitions, our full-service immigration law firm can confidently declare that we can give you the best service and legal counsel today. Contact our firm and explore what options are available to you and see what more we can give you than you would have ever thought possible.

In this situation, to speak in legal terminology for a moment, there is a petitioner and a beneficiary. The petitioner (the US Citizen or Permanent Resident spouse) petitions on behalf of the beneficiary (his/her foreign national spouse) and provides all the required fees, files, documentation, and evidentiary criteria required by the legislation. Speak with a Los Angeles immigration lawyer or Encino immigration lawyer from our firm for assistance – you don’t have to do this alone. In fact, we’d really recommend that you don’t. The immigration system is complex, and this is your future happiness we’re talking about here.

The petitioner must submit:

  • A copy of the marriage certificate
  • A copy of any and all decrees or certificates which demonstrate that any and all previous marriages of either spouse have been completely legally terminated
  • Passport-style photos of both spouses
  • Evidence of any and all legal name changes of either spouse including but not limited to marriage, divorce, adoption, court-approved name changes, etc.

These, along with all the necessary biographical information, fees, documentation, and the petition itself, are important elements of the petition.

Additionally, the petitioner must also demonstrate his/her status as a US citizen or permanent resident. There are many different ways that this can be done – contact our office and speak with one of our Los Angeles immigration lawyers or Burbank immigration lawyers to learn about what you can do and what we can do for you!

Now, there is a range of options available to you involving children and family members, and work and residency options. All of these can be explained to you in depth by one of our highly skilled immigration attorneys during the course of our business relationship. Contact our firm and allow us to guide you to the future you’ve always wanted – the one you deserve. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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