Get your significant other a green card

Congratulations on your marriage! You and your partner deserve all the happiness in the world. Though, you may find that happiness to be lessened by distance and the US border if one of you is a US Citizen or a permanent resident and the other is a foreign national. Don’t let this triviality stand in the way of your happiness any longer. Contact our office and speak with an immigration attorney from our firm. Our Los Angeles immigration lawyers and Burbank immigration lawyers specialize in spouse visas and have helped reconcile countless couples, and could do the same for you!

The two types of individuals that can file for permanent residence for a foreign national spouse are US Citizens and green card holders (permanent residents). They can both file for spouses inside or outside the US, though permanent residents may face more difficulty in terms of limited visa availabilities. Whatever your situation, give us a call! Our immigration attorneys are eager to prove themselves to each new client and relish the opportunity to see the look of joy spread across a client’s face when they realize that their hopes and dreams are coming true.

Ok, down to business: the petitioner (who is the US Citizen or permanent resident spouse) files on behalf of his/her foreign national spouse (the beneficiary). The petitioner must provide the signed and correctly filled-out petition with the proper fee, along with all the requisite documentation, as long as one biological profile for each spouse (all of which our Los Angeles immigration lawyers and Burbank immigration lawyers can help you with). Additionally, the petitioner must submit:

A copy of your marriage certificate
A copy of any decrees or certificates which demonstrate the full and complete termination of any previous marriages of either spouse
Passport-style photos of both spouses (this isn’t a complex photo shoot requiring a professional photographer: just contact our office and we can provide you with the instructions and recommend where to go to acquire these photos)
Evidence of any legal name changes for either spouse (notice I said “legal” name changes – I understand if you demand that everyone call you “Admiral” or “Captain Spectacular,” but if your legal name is Jared and hasn’t been legally changed then you probably won’t need to specify on the petition)

That may seem like a lot of responsibility to you, but it isn’t really all that hard to provide! Our Los Angeles immigration lawyers and Burbank immigration lawyers have done this so often and with so many different clients that we can help you breeze through it and will help you feel confident and assured that your future is secure and guaranteed.

The petitioner must also prove that he/she is either a US Citizen or a permanent resident (I’m sure that as much as USCIS would love to simply take your word for it, this is more professional than personal). A US Citizen can prove their status with a copy of one of the following – his/her:

US Passport
US Birth Certificate
US Consular Report of Birth Abroad
Naturalization Certificate
Certificate of Citizenship

A green card holder can demonstrate their status with a copy of one of the following – his/her:

Green card (front/back)
Foreign passport which is stamped with a stamp that shows temporary evidence of his/her permanent resident status

There are additional restrictions and conditions placed on the petition based on the amount of time the petitioner and beneficiary have been married, and a number of other variables. Additionally, there are options a couple can take if the wait to be approved is too long and you just have to be together sooner. Whatever the case may be, our Los Angeles immigration lawyers and Burbank immigration lawyers fight for our clients with every drop of sweat and determination, and utilize our quite considerable store of experience and extensive knowledge to accomplish your goals. Contact our office today.

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