EB-1 Priority Visa for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability

Introducing Employment-Based Immigration: First Preference EB-1 Visa (Green card)

First Choice … Our specialist EB1 Visa Immigration Attorneys at Galstyan Law Group

Are you extraordinary at what you do? Do you have an extraordinary ability in the Sciences, Arts, Education, Business or Athletics? If you answered “Yes” and you want to work in the USA in your field of expertise … then an EB-1 visa might be the right choice for you.

Not sure if you classify as extraordinary? That’s what we’re here for! Our highly experienced Immigration Lawyers accept EB1 visa clients from all over the world. We can help you wherever you are and we are only a phone call away! Contact one of our leading EB-1 Visa Immigration Attorneys for a free case review today on 1800 939 8004 (free call number).

Are you an extraordinary Actor or Writer? Then our Immigration Lawyers could help you submit a self-sponsored EB1 petition – meaning that you wont need a sponsor or job offer to apply. We could file a self-petition directly with the USCIS and upon approval get you a green card.

Are you an outstanding Professor, Researcher, Multinational Executive or Manager with a job offer/sponsor in the United States? You may also qualify for the first preference EB1 Visa. Contact one of our Specialized Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles today on our free number 1800 939 8004 for an expert case review.

Our Immigration Attorneys at Galstyan Law Group, Los Angeles, are industry leaders in EB1 applications and are proud to have a 100% success rate in all extraordinary visa classifications! Don’t waste time … speak to one of our EB-1 visa experts today 1800 939 8004 (free call).

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