EB-1 or E11 classification leading to a green card

Have you ever stopped, examined your life, and realized that you stand a little taller than the rest? I don’t mean physically (though maybe you do, I don’t know), I mean in your accomplishments and the merit of your achievements. Have you been offered a job in the US due to your skills and track record, or don’t have one but want to come to the US anyways? Maybe it’s just time for a fresh start, and you feel like you deserve one. The EB-1 first-preference visa may be for you.

Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys are in high demand amongst individuals such as these due to the diverse nature of the EB1, which covers three distinct categories of individuals. The first is individuals with extraordinary abilities, the second is for outstanding researchers and professors, and the third is for multinational managers and executives. We’ll explore some specifics regarding these categories in a moment. When you get down to the nitty-gritty of it all, an immigration lawyer from our firm who specializes in the EB1 is honestly the best option you have. The petition is complex and multifaceted and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You wouldn’t try performing a surgery on your own, would you? Well I hope not. Regardless, the outcome of your petition could determine the rest of your life in much the same way the outcome of a surgery could do the same. Get help from our firm of immigration attorneys.

The first category, individuals with extraordinary ability, extends to individuals who can demonstrate that they have achieved national and/or international acclaim in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics because of their extraordinary ability in one of these fields. Extensive documentation is required to prove that one qualifies for this category, as it is with the other two categories as well. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys and Encino immigration attorneys have petitioned for hundreds of clients seeking the EB1 visa as an individual with extraordinary ability and are experts in drafting petitions which reflect an individual’s unique story and ability. Speak with our office to schedule a free case review.

Those who seek to enter the United States under the EB1 as outstanding professors or researchers must demonstrate that they have achieved national or international acclaim in their academic field and have worked as a professor or researcher for at least three years. There are additional requirements regarding the nature of the position they have been offered (this category requires a job offer from a prospective employer) which any of our immigration attorneys can explain to you in detail.

Multinational executives and managers must, in order to qualify for the EB1, have been employed for at least one full year in the three years prior to his/her entrance to the United States with the same employer or an affiliate or subsidiary of the same employer outside the United States. This category is actually rather straightforward and simple relative to the other two categories within the EB1 classification, though is still a delicate petition to file. Speak with a member of our full-service immigration law firm in order to learn more about the options available to you based on your eligibility for the EB1.

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