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Did you ever wonder if your parents had a favorite child? If you were an only child, then you probably knew who was the favorite, but that wouldn’t have been hard to guess. I’m the oldest of three, and it seemed like the youngest kid was the favorite. She got more privileges and a later bedtime at a younger age than her two older siblings ever got, and it seemed unfair. Now that I’m older and have more experience with families and parenting, though, I understand that my parents were more lenient with her because they’d learned with their first two kids what works and what doesn’t, and what’s permissible and what isn’t. In much the same way, the EB-1 visa classification is a first preference visa category. Essentially what this means is that if the US is a parent, the EB-1 is a privilege that it’s extending in order to get the best effect for the family (the nation). The EB-1 has three subcategories for individuals with extraordinary ability, outstanding professors and researchers, and multinational managers and executives. These types of individuals are highly prized immigrants because they’re bringing valuable skills and abilities and knowledge to the US and bringing the corporate value of our nation’s people up. That isn’t to say that this can’t happen with other types of people, far from it! But immigrants who fit into these three categories tend to be safe bets. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys know that because of this, the EB-1 visa classification is highly prized and fervently pursued among immigrants. It’s for this reason, along with a desire to establish a relationship of trust and confidence, that our full-service immigration law firm offers free case reviews to new clients interested in the EB-1. Contact our office today to learn more about the options that are available to you (after you read the rest of this blog post, of course).

Qualifying for the EB-1 as an individual with extraordinary ability can be done in a number of ways. The reason for this is that you can qualify by demonstrating, through extensive documentation, that you have achieved national or international acclaim in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics. This can be done by meeting at least three of ten criteria or demonstrating a one-time remarkable achievement such as an Olympic medal or a Pulitzer Prize. Los Angeles immigration attorneys are a valuable commodity in this competitive immigration environment, and we highly recommend consulting ours for counsel and guidance.

Outstanding professors and researchers wishing to qualify for the EB-1 must also demonstrate the recognition they have achieved through extensive documentation and must prove that they have at least three years of teaching or research in their specific academic area and are coming to the US to pursue a tenured teaching position or a comparable research position. This category requires an offer of employment from a US employer. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys are seasoned professionals in filing for the EB-1, and we invite you to explore your options with our firm.

The final subcategory for multinational managers or executives requires that you be employed as an executive or manager for at least one year in the three years prior to the date of the submission of the petition with a firm or corporation and you must be seeking employment as an executive or manager in the US with the same employer or a qualifying organization. Speak with one of our Los Angeles immigration attorneys or Pasadena immigration attorneys for assistance in filing.

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