E1: How to apply for an E visa as a treaty trader

Is your interest in immigration based on the need to be admitted to the US in order to engage in international trade? The E1 Treaty Trader visa might be for you. Our full-service immigration law firm employs a host of professional and highly experienced immigration attorneys all eager to assist new clients each day. Many of our Los Angeles immigration attorneys specialize in the E1 visa classification and have become experts in the legislation which governs the visa category. They utilize this knowledge to benefit our clients on a daily basis, making the petition process more streamlined and efficient, giving our clients the best chance for success that can be mustered. Contact our firm today and allow us to introduce you to a whole new world of opportunity and possibility.

Most anyone can become a treaty trader provided that they meet the requisite qualifications. An E1 visa can either be acquired directly or by requesting a change of status from a separate nonimmigrant visa classification to that of the E1. The petitions in both of these cases are different, though both will have to demonstrate that the same qualifications are met. Contact our office and speak with an immigration attorney who specializes in the E1 category for assistance in drafting and submitting your petition in the manner most likely to lead to your approval and ultimate happiness.

There are a few general qualifications that one must meet in order to be a treaty trader, as I mentioned before. The three primary requirements are that the treaty trader must:

Be a national of a treaty country

Carry on substantial trade

Carry on this substantial trade principally between the US and his/her country of nationality

A treaty country (I know you were worried, so I’m explaining what this means) is a country with which the US holds a treaty of commerce and navigation. Whether or not trade is “substantial” is determined by USCIS through a series of tests and measurements. Our firm conducts the same tests and measurements before submitting any petition in order to ensure that our clients’ petitions will only be met with approvals. More than 50% of the trade done by the treaty trader must be between the treaty trader’s country of nationality and the US in order to fulfill the third requirement. Contact our firm of Los Angeles immigration attorneys and Glendale immigration attorneys to learn about whether you meet any of the above qualifications and what you can do in order to qualify if you do not.

The employees of treaty traders may also qualify for the E1 should their employer qualify and they meet certain requirements. The three primary requirements are that the treaty trader be the same nationality as his/her employer, be legally regarded as an “employee,” or be employed as an executive or a supervisor (or employed based on special qualifications if neither of these). Our professional Los Angeles immigration attorneys and Glendale immigration attorneys have years of experience filing for the E1 classification and invite you to come and explore the wonderful opportunity afforded to you with our firm.


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