E-2 investor visa

The vast majority of people aren’t particularly knowledgeable about how to handle capital and manage investments. But then again, you aren’t the vast majority of people. The E2 visa classification is the premier visa category for treaty investors and is utilized by seasoned professionals and knowledgeable individuals just starting out alike. Our full-service immigration law firm employs the best staff of Los Angeles immigration attorneys available today. Our seasoned immigration lawyers are skilled and passionate about helping our clients achieve success in all their endeavors, and are dedicated to setting a higher standard for legal counsel. Contact our office and schedule a case review with a member of our talented group today.

A treaty trader under the E2 classification is a national of a treaty country who is admitted to the US so that he/she may invest or continue investing a substantial amount of capital in a US business. Some employees of treaty traders and qualifying organizations may also qualify for the E2 should certain requisite criteria be fulfilled. A treaty country is a state or nation with which the United States has a treaty of commerce and navigation. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys remain up-to-date with all current nations which may qualify or disqualify an individual for any type of immigrant or nonimmigrant visa classification with the United States; contact us to learn about your situation and for which categories you may qualify!

Not just anyone can qualify for the E2, though whether you are inside or outside the United States doesn’t matter (so long as you’re in the US under a separate lawful visa classification) though the applications are separate in each case. Generally, though, to qualify as a treaty investor under an E2 visa classification, a treaty investor must meet three main criteria.

  • The treaty investor must be a national of a treaty country
  • The treaty investor must have previously or currently be actively investing a substantial amount of capital in a legitimate investment enterprise in the US
  • Be entering the US for the primary and arguably sole purpose of the development and directing of the enterprise (there are specific ways in which this can be demonstrated; speak with our team of Los Angeles immigration attorneys to find out more!)

Well that all sounds great, but what qualifies as “substantial?” Relative to what? Those are great questions, and the answers are complicated. But simply put: USCIS uses a series of tests and measurements to determine if each unique case qualifies as substantial. So unfortunately, there isn’t a chart somewhere you can just refer to. The good news is that our Los Angeles immigration attorneys use the same tests and measurements to pre-test and pre-measure our clients’ petitions in order to ensure that they will be approved! If we don’t feel a petition is up to par, we won’t submit it until it is.

There are additional restrictions and guidelines that must be followed, as immigration legislation is complex. Contact our office and schedule a free case review wherein we can begin to help guide you through this process. Our immigration lawyers are looking forward to meeting you and earning your trust and confidence. We’ll see you soon.

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