E-1 or E visa treaty traders

E-1 treaty traders are business-minded foreign nationals admitted to the United States in order to engage in international trade on his or her own behalf. Employees of these individuals (or organizations in some cases) may also qualify should they meet several qualifications. Los Angeles immigration attorneys and Beverly Hills immigration attorneys are a highly valuable asset when petitioning for visa classifications, and particularly in the case of the E1. Our full-service immigration law firm specializes in the E-1 classification and cordially invites you to contact our office and explore your options.

A treaty trader must fulfill the requisite criteria in order to be eligible for the E-1 classification. The three primary criteria are that:

The treaty trader be the national of a treaty country.

Carry on substantial trade

Carry on substantial trade primarily between the US and the country of his/her nationality

Ok, what exactly is a treaty country? Well, a treaty country is a nation with which the US has a treaty of commerce and navigation. Our firm of Los Angeles immigration attorneys and Beverly Hills immigration attorneys keeps an up-to-date list of these countries at our firm and is perfectly willing and eager to help you discover if your country of nationality qualifies you for the E-1.

That’s great, but what qualifies as “substantial trade?” That’s a bit more complex. There isn’t some line arbitrarily drawn in the sand that borders “substantial” and “insubstantial” trade. In reality, there is a series of tests and measurements to which the volume and monetary value of the trade done is subjected in order to determine its substantiality. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys and Beverly Hills immigration attorneys aren’t a big fan of risks when it comes to our clients, we prefer guarantees. Because of this, we conduct these tests on our own before submitting the petition in order to ensure that the petition will be approved when it’s sent off. If the petition doesn’t pass all of our tests, we re-work it and then re-test until it’s ready. Our immigration lawyers put our clients’ best interests first.

More than 50% of the trade done by the treaty trader must be done between the US and his/her country of nationality to fulfill the third criteria (this requirement is significantly less complex than the one that came before it).

Should the employee of a treaty trader need to qualify for the E1 visa, he/she must meet three requirements as well. These are that:

The employee must have the nationality of his/her employer

The foreign national must technically be an “employee” according to the law which governs the industry and all aspects of the situation

The employee must be employed as and engaged in the duties of an executive or a supervisor or, alternatively, must be employed based on special qualifications he/she possesses.

Los Angeles immigration attorneys and Beverly Hills immigration attorneys from our firm handle E-1 visa petitions, like all the petitions and applications of our clients, with precision and care. Our firm is client-based and client-centered, and we resolutely refuse to compromise on the quality of our care and service. Our clients are confident and assured that we will do whatever is in their best interests. Contact our firm today.

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