General guide for an H-1B visa

Specialty occupations visas are especially popular among highly skilled and educated workers. The H1B visa is a nonimmigrant work-based visa which is particularly popular even among specialty occupations visas due to its accessibility and inclusivity. The H-1B does not cater to a specific industry, area of interest, or job market, but has a set of

How to apply for an E-1 visa

Certain visa classifications are vitally important to the way the US runs due to the potentially far-reaching consequences of the actions of the individuals who qualify. The E1 visa classification for treaty traders is one of these, due to the economic impact of the trade that each treaty trader does. While yes, it’s unlikely that

EB-1 Green Card

EB1 One of the chief ideals of our nation is that everyone is equal. No one person is “worth” more than another and everyone should be given the same opportunities. That being said: not all occupations and accomplishments are equal. The EB-1 visa classification is an employment-based “first preference” immigration visa. What this means is

How the E-2 investment visa works

Treaty investors are an integral part of the American economic system. Treaty investors establish new businesses in the US and create employment opportunities, which makes treaty investor visas a key piece of the US immigration system. However, because of this, the legislation which governs treaty investor visas, specifically the popular and effective E2 visa classification,

How to: Naturalization Guide

Naturalization: When I was young, my friends and I went through a phase in which we would make special “clubs” (read: groups). These clubs were exclusive, had secret handshakes and passwords, and were usually stationed in a fort constructed of pillows and blankets. This is a terrible analogy because becoming a US Citizen is nothing

H1B visa requirements

HIn my elementary school classes my teachers would assign “special jobs” to different members of my class. Some students would be the instructor’s “assistant” and carry things to the principal’s office or would have the privilege (and in our minds, honor) of standing at the front of a line whenever we would go somewhere as

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