N-336, Request for a Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings (Under Section 336 of the INA)

Download Instructions for Form N-336

Download Form N-336

Purpose of Form :

To request a hearing on an unfavorable decision related to a naturalization application.

Number of Pages :

Form 1; Instructions 2.

Edition Date :

11/23/10. Previous editions accepted.

Where to File :

File your request with the USCIS office which made the unfavorable decision within 30 calendar days after service of the decision.

Filing Fee :

$650 Note: There is no fee for Form N-336 if filed on or after October 1, 2004, by an applicant who has filed an Application for Naturalization under sections 328 or 329 of the INA (i.e., who is a member or veteran of any branch of the United States Armed Forces) and whose application has been denied.

Special Instructions :

Note on Expiration: USCIS continues to accept the 11/23/10 edition of Form N-336, despite the passing of the form’s expiration date. An updated form with a new expiration date will be posted as soon as it becomes available.


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