I-912, Request for Fee Waiver

Download Instructions for Form I-912

Download Form I-912

Purpose of Form :

To request a fee waiver for certain immigration benefits and services based on an inability to pay. Please consult http://www.uscis.gov/feewaiver for the complete list of forms and services that are eligible for a fee waiver.

Number of Pages :

Form 4; Instructions 7.

Edition Date :


Where to File :

To file your completed Form I-912, attach it and all supporting documentation to the immigration benefit that you are submitting. Please do not submit your Form I-912 without a completed application or petition. Mail your complete application or petition, Form I-912, and supporting documentation to the USCIS office according to the “Where to File” directions identified in the form instructions to which the Form I-912 relates. Form I-912 cannot be submitted after USCIS has received the underlying application or petition.

Filing Fee :


Special Instructions :

No special instructions.


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