If most immigrants were asked what their goals pertaining to immigration were, many would respond that they want a green card. However, if you ask any green card holder who has been a permanent resident for an extended period of time what they want, those who understand their position would respond that they yearn for US Citizenship. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys know this, and assist clients in achieving that goal. Naturalization, the application process one must undergo to attain US Citizenship, is a specialty of our office and has become second nature to our attorneys. Foreign nationals seeking citizenship in Los Angeles would be best assisted by one of our immigration lawyers that are naturalization specialists. We now offer free consultations to interested parties seeking to undergo naturalization or are seeking a green card so that they may one day also acquire US Citizenship. Contact our office and schedule yours today.

Some of our Los Angeles immigration lawyers have undergone naturalization and now work to help other immigrants acquire US Citizenship as well. Our firm has a unique and unparalleled approach to assisting clients in that we seek to forge a relationship of trust and respect in which our clients feel safe, relieved, and assured that their petition and future is in trustworthy hands. Unless we feel a petition has an incredibly strong chance of approval, we will not file the petition, and will continue to work with a client until that fact changes. Los Angeles immigration attorneys can be hard and uncaring, but our office invites clients from every walk of life and is eager to work with new clients and new people.

In order to qualify for naturalization, a foreign national must fulfill the relevant criteria in order to be eligible for the application process. A foreign national must be eighteen or older and:

  • Have permanent residence for five years or more (in most cases)
  • Have a good moral character
  • Pass a basic test of the history of the United States and the structure and function of her government
  • Continuously reside and be physically present in the United States
  • Pass a basic reading, writing, and speaking test in English. Exceptions include individuals:

o   Fifty-five years old with fifteen years of permanent residence

o   Fifty years old with twenty years of permanent residence

o   With permanent physical or mental impairments for whom the passing of this test is impossible

To fulfill all of the above criteria, an applicant must be fairly well-rounded. Many clients feel they fall short or miss the mark and do not have a strong chance of success should they petition. Our immigration attorneys have petitioned for clients from nearly every walk of life and are so experienced that at first look one of our attorneys can gauge the merit of a petition or an applicant’s chances of approval. Los Angeles immigration lawyers are an experienced and competitive lot, but we strongly believe that we offer foreign nationals the best chance at US Citizenship because we work with our clients to help ensure approval.

In some instances, those looking to become US Citizens already have inherited citizenship from a grandparent who was a US Citizen but left the United States early in life. There are other ways in which naturalization can be rendered moot, but this is the most common. Seek out a Los Angeles immigration lawyer if there is even the slight chance of a connection to US Citizenship in your family’s past.

Alternatively, there are several other ways in which one might be eligible for naturalization. A foreign national might be able to apply for naturalization if he/she is eighteen years old and:

  • Has had permanent residence for at least five years; or
  • Has had permanent residence for at least three years and has been, for the entirety of that time, and will continue to be married to a US Citizen; or
  • Acquired permanent residence at least three years ago via a self-petition under VAWA (the Violence Against Women Act); or
  • Is a permanent resident serving honorably in the US military that petitions for US Citizenship while in the military or within six months of being discharged

US Citizenship is a highly coveted prize. Some chase and attain it, others chase it and fail. Others seek assistance from professional immigration attorneys and have a much higher chance of approval, especially those who become clients of professional Los Angeles immigration lawyers from our firm. To successfully undergo naturalization, give yourself the best possible chance. Schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys today.

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