How to Get a Green Card to live and work legally in the United States – leading immigration law firm, Beverly Hills Los Angeles

There are many ways to get a green card, but once you have one, all green cards are exactly the same. Each Green card carries the same privileges: namely, the right to work and live in the U.S permanently. Green cards are available mostly to those who have immediate family members in the U.S or

Los Angeles L-1 Visa Lawyer

Expert L1 Visa Lawyer for Intracompany Transferee Executives and/or Managers, Beverly Hills The nonimmigrant L-1 Visa enables a U.S. employer to transfer an executive or manager from one of its affiliated foreign offices to one of its offices in the United States. The L-1 visa also enables a foreign company (which does not yet have

O-1 Visa Attorney for Entertainers and Athletes, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

At Galstyan Law Group a number of entertainment professionals, athletes and support personnel are applying for U.S. visas and green cards with our immigration lawyers … whether they are coming to the U.S. to participate in tournaments or to feature in popular Broadway plays, our highly trained immigration attorneys are busy ensuring they have the

EB-1 Priority Workers – Extraordinary Ability Green Card Visa

EB-1 Priority Workers – Extraordinary Ability Green Card Visa

Leading Immigration Attorney Los Angeles, Vladimir Galstyan, Beverly Hills

Are you a professional writer and/or entertainer? Do you have an extraordinary ability in the Arts? Then you may be eligible for an EB-1 visa. The good news is … you don’t need a sponsor to apply; extraordinary workers can self-petition for an EB-1 visa directly with the USCIS and upon approval obtain their green card. Contact our leading EB-1 visa attorney Vladimir Galstyan at Galstyan Law Group for your no obligation, free case review today! 323 642 6000 or free number 800-939-8004.

Are you currently on an O-1 visa that is expiring soon? Do want to explore the possibility of applying for a green card? Then an EB-1 visa may be your next step. Our immigration lawyers have a 100% success rate in all O-1 and EB-1 visa applications, which is why we only take on clients who are EB-1 ready! If you’re not sure if the EB-1 visa is the right visa for you, call one of our EB-1 immigration lawyers at Galstyan Law Group on 323 642 6000 today!

We will advise you of the best route to take, depending on your situation. As an example, a well-known Australian celebrity soap actor/singer has been working with our immigration team at Galstyan Law Group this month on his O-1 visa application. With a huge list of career accomplishments, multiple media articles, a bunch of awards under his belt and the fact that he is an A-list celebrity in Australia and abroad, most would believe he would be eligible for an EB-1 visa, and he is, however the O-1 visa was a better, cheaper and faster option for him right now. Our immigration attorneys tailor and manage full immigration plans for each of our clients. We offer a complete visa management service, ensuring all of our client’s immigration needs are met through the various stages of their lives and careers in the USA.

Under the EB-1 visa classification, professors and researchers with a minimum of 3 years experience in their field can also come to the U.S. to pursue tenure. Multinational managers and executives also qualify for a green card under the EB-1 classification. Check our ‘Practice Areas’ tab for more information on the requirements for each classification, then call us for your free, no obligation case review. Our law firm is centrally based in Los Angeles you can reach us on 323 642 6000 or 800 939 8004.

Vladimir Galstyan, a leading EB-1 visa immigration attorney has successfully handled various EB-1 visa cases for aliens with extraordinary abilities, professors, managers and executives. Please contact Galstyan Law Group regarding your very own EB-1 or O-1 visa today!

Immigration is an expensive process, we are aware of this so our immigration lawyers offer competitive prices for all visa types, call us today for a free quote! You won’t be disappointed! 323 642 6000 or 800 939 8004.

Immigration Law Reform

Immigration Law Reform

Obama Administration Announces Immigration Law Reform The Obama administration announced it will stop deporting younger undocumented residents who first came to America as children if they meet certain criteria. The Obama administration said Friday that it will stop deporting illegal immigrants younger than 30 if they were brought to the United States as children and


USCIS Announces Fiscal Year 2013 H-1B Cap WASHINGTON—U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced today that it has received a sufficient number of H-1B petitions to reach the statutory cap of 65,000 for fiscal year (FY) 2013. Yesterday, June 11, 2012, was the final receipt date for new H-1B specialty occupation petitions requesting an employment

Summer Loving – K1 Fiance Visas

It’s officially summertime and everybody seems to be pairing up! Well, not our immigration lawyers at Galstyan Law Group, they’re still available, but many U.S. Citizens have proposed to their loved ones recently in all parts of the world and our specialized immigration attorneys have been busy organizing their K1 fiancé visas. Love has no

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