Naturalization: 5 Things to Know to Achieve U.S. Citizenship

Naturalization is the process whereby a foreign national or foreign citizen achieves U.S. citizenship by fulfilling the requirements set forth by current immigration and naturalization legislation. The application for naturalization can be lengthy and complex due to the multiple elements of legislation that govern the process and the numerous regulations and qualifications that must be

Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa

Overview of the Tourist Visa The B-2 visa is for individuals who wish to visit the United States temporarily or to visit family or friends. Under the current law, a B-2 visa is appropriate for: The B-2 visa is most commonly used for tourists who visit the U.S. to travel or have a vacation. This

Immigration law is our specialty and we love E visas!

The E1 visa classification is the premier visa category for foreign national treaty traders seeking to enter the US to engage in international trade. Our full-service immigration law firm employs professional immigration attorneys whose primary concern is the realization of our clients’ goals and dreams and who specialize in the E1 classification. The international treaty

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