How the O-1 visas work

Excellence is celebrated in every culture and nation, and the United States of America would like to recognize your exceptional ability by offering the non-immigrant work O-1 visa. The O1 visa is designed for individuals who have received distinctions in their field of expertise and who have been hired or are represented by US agents

Naturalization – U.S. citizenship

Naturalization is the “big one” in terms of immigration into the United States. It is the application process that one undergoes to become a full-fledged US Citizen. Naturalization can usually only be undergone by individuals who have had Permanent Resident status for a certain amount of time – generally at least five years for most

The L-1 visa

Businesses often see the need to transfer employees between offices because, let’s be honest, not all employees are created equal. Sometimes it’s just necessary for an executive or manager to be moved to another office because their skill and expertise is the only thing that can bring that office to its full potential. Other times

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