Specializing in immigration law, Galstyan Law Firm is a California-based law practice with an international reputation.
Galstyan Law Firm has helped numerous clients achieve their immigration goals through a broad range of services and personal approach to every case.


Vladimir Galstyan is an immigration attorney and principal of the Galstyan Law Firm.
He has successfully represented clients from all over the world,
from high profile individuals to families and businesses.

What our happy customers say

  • Vladimir took my case as if it was the most important one he would have worked on, even though we needed to gather so much information in such a short period of time. He was always available when I needed him to answer my questions and kept me updated about every news on my case. I will absolutely work with him in every legal services I might need.
  • I was lucky to be a client of Vladimir Galstyan who won my case for obtaining a green card .I can confidently say that it is a high class lawyer with extensive experience and incredible intelligence.
  • I first worked with Vlad when I was going for my O-1 Visa a few years ago. He was very clear about what I needed to provide for him to process the case and very confident that we would have no trouble obtaining the Visa, and he was correct! More recently I met with Vlad in regards to going for a Greencard. He was definitely the right Lawyer to go with because my case has been approved in a quick and drama free manner. The process was relatively simple for something as complex as this and he did an excellent job with my case. Love your work Vlad!
  • The best lawyer, I had a very complex case. I worked with another lawyer before that did an awful job, I had the luck to meet Vladimir and because of his hard work and extensive knowledge. I got my O-1 visa approved! I recommend him 100%.
  • Vladimir handled my O1 Visa case and it was an amazing experience! He was always very patient in answering all my questions and settling any type of worry I had. I had seen around 5 lawyers before finding someone that I truly felt will do everything for my case. That is the kind of person he is! Driven, focused, professional and always present. I really needed a lawyer that would take me through every step, explain everything I needed to know and keep me calm and confident! He got me the O1 Visa in no time, and everything went so smoothly because he is extremely well prepared, determined and a truly kind person. I believe he takes every case personally, even staying over schedule for his clients. He is a truly remarkable talented human being and a great lawyer! I am so lucky that he handled my case and I would recommend him any day!!
  • Mr. Vladimir Galstyan is a very nice and compassionate attorney! He knowers his field and is pretty determined to work for his clients benefit. He puts lots of energy into fighting for his client’s rights. He informs you step by step and won’t leave you in the dark. After all the attorneys I tried out, he tuned out to be the best at his job. I’m very happy I chose him for my case. God bless him all through his life.
    Khadijeh, immigration client
  • Mr. Galstyan is excellent immigration lawyer. He help my son file the I212, and the case was very complicated but because of Mr.Galstyan’s professionalism and dedication, the case was approved. I definitely recommend this lawyer.
    immigration client
  • I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Galstyan. I am so grateful and thankful to have you as my advocate. Thank you for handling my case professionally and giving me hope throughout the process. I would definitely recommend you to all…THANK YOU
  • I came to Mr. Galstyan with a very complicated case andIi had no hope to get any positive results. Mr. Galstyan having perfect knowledge of immigration law did my case in such a professional manner that the USCIS approved it very fast, without asking for any additional evidences. I really appreciate Mr. Galstyan’s work and I would recommend him to all my friends. I am sure that if Mr. Galstyan takes your case, he will do all his best to get it approved!!!
  • Mr. Galstyan provided me with the best counsel ever. He impressed me with his in- depth knowledge of the law and I trusted him that I could get my status approved. I always felt he was truly working for my best interest. I am glad that I found him.
  • Vladimir Galstyan has extensive experience in immigration law and his thorough understanding of the entire immigration process is simply superb. He immediately addressed any concerns about my case and kept me completely informed every step of the way. He is truly an attorney that I would not hesitate to refer my friends and family. Many thanks.
  • Vlad, I had never felt so safe to have a lawyer next to me when we went to court the first time. My parent say you made every single lawyer and person in the courtroom smile and you know you did it. Your demeanor in court is outstanding. They should shoot a movie about you in court. And I have to say this in a public forum so that other lawyers take an example from you. After you won my case I offered you double of what I had already paid you and you refused because you said it was unethical. Vladimir Galstyan you are amazing. My family’s respect goes to you. Thank you a million times.
  • I do not usually do this unless someone was extraordinarily helpful and I wanted to thank Mr. Vladimir Galstyan for all his support. He was both wonderful to work with, anticipated my questions and was prompt with replies. I always knew I could count on him with anything regarding my case.

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